Aerial Lifts-Ladders-Scaffolding: Baker Scaffold

The original mobile utility scaffold - the Baker II scaffold - is one of the most popular single pieces of maintenance equipment in the world. Its dependability and versatility make it indispensable to thousands of contractors. The Baker II Scaffold is also used extensively for maintenance work in office buildings, industrial plants, institutions, malls, churches, and government buildings. You just canít find a quicker, more cost-efficient way to get off the floor and up to the job. The Baker II Scaffold is: Adjustable. . . in 3" increments from 1í8" to 5í8". Platform height can be changed easily to achieve exactly the right working height for any job. Heights up to 24í are possible by adding additional height units. Adaptable. . . because itís so easily adjusted, the Baker II Scaffold can be adapted to stairs, ramps, and other uneven surfaces. The Baker II is ideal for working over furniture, equipment, and other floor obstacles. Portable. . . because it fits easily through a standard doorway. The Baker II Scaffold is quick and easy to set up and take down, with no tools required. Unassembled, the Baker II Scaffold occupies about the same storage space as an ordinary step ladder. Versatile. . . Baker II Scaffold units are designed so they can be used as a single unit, or can be stacked to provide additional working height levels. Guard railing, outriggers, and other accessories are available to make scaffold units usable in a variety of special applications.