Concrete Tools: Concrete Vibrators

Concrete Vibrators by Northrock

Northrock electric power units are available in three different sizes to meet application, shaft length and head diameter needs up to 2-1/2" in diameter. Motor size is selected to maintain an in-material working frequency of about 10,000 vpm under load. Access ports are provided at the side of the units for easy maintenance of commutator and brushes. All Northrock power units may be configured to drive alternate brand shafts and heads. All electrical systems are UL and cUL approved.

Northrock concrete vibrators offer just the right mid-frequency and force characteristics required to set material particles in motion fast, for rapid consolidation of homogenous mixes. At the same time, these optimum frequencies avoid the possibility of destroying important pressure-relief chains produced by small air bubbles. These relief chains are known to resist damage during freeze-thaw cycles in colder climates. They are not protected by competitive higher frequency systems which tend to destroy them. And Northrock concrete vibrators are designed to maintain these optimum frequencies regardless of slump, head size, or other load factors.