Concrete Tools: Floor Grinders - Scarifiers

Floor Scarifier by EDCO

EDCO’s push and self-propelled model scarifiers clean, texture, level, groove or remove large or small concrete and asphalt surface.

Scarifying machines apply a cutting wheel to the concrete surface. EDCO’s exclusive 6-shaft cutting drum flails the surface, leaving a clean, textured or roughened finish. Scarifiers are also referred to as planers, milling machines, rotary cutters or simply surface-preparation machines. These versatile machines have various styles of interchangeable cutter assemblies that can be used for cleaning, grinding and light or heavy milling. Production rates range from 350 to 1,500 square feet per hour (dependent on machine size and horsepower) for a 1/8-inch removal depth of 3,500 PSI concrete.

Floor Grinder by EDCO

Concrete Floor Grinders
Proven for over 45 years, EDCO Grinders have been used to repair damaged slabs, remove deteriorated coatings and prepare surfaces for overlays.

Originally developed and continuously improved by EDCO, concrete floor grinders use horizontally rotating discs to level, smooth or clean the top surface of a concrete slab. EDCO grinders come with a multi-accessory disc that can be loaded with EDCO’s long-lasting dyma-serts, strip-serts, grinding stones or scarifier assembly to remove rough finishes, flatten uneven areas or clean concrete slabs of sealers, paints or mastics. Grinders can also be used effectively to level uneven joints or high spots of 1/16 to 1/8 inch. Grinding with EDCO single, dual, four or turbo grinders provides contractors with a smoother finish than scarifiers or scabblers.