Misc Tools: Siding Break

Siding Break by Van Mark

Van Mark Products, known throughout the industry for the superior quality of its products and customer service, continues the proud tradidtion with the Mark I Series Contractor and Commercial models. The Mark 1 Series design represented a quantum leap in the manufacture of bending brakes when first introduced. The first true cam-locking system in the industry, the Mark 1 featured fewer parts combined with a rugged durable design that increased on-the-job performance while extending the brake service life. An impressive array of bending capabilities put the Mark 1 in a class all by itself. The Mark 1 Series Bending Brake is the only brake on the market able to handle both residential and commercial applications without constant adjustments. Note: Contractor models M1260-M1460, along with Commercial models M1261-M1461, each come with dual locking and bending handles.
A quick note: You may never have to adjust your Van Mark brake, but if you do, its nice to know that Van Mark has left you that option. UHMW wedges remain independently adjustable and replaceable should the occasion ever arise. After all, most seasoned contractors will tell you, there’s no such thing as a non-adjustable brake.